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Wedding Wishes

Wedding Wishes for Friend

emotional wedding wishes for friend

Best Wedding Wishes for Friend

There are certain days in a person’s life that they cannot forget. They can be either of their own life or of the people who are closer to them/. One of these amazing unforgettable days is the wedding day. Marriage is a special occasion as two people in love with each other, embrace one another as their lifelong partners. This wedding day can be of your female or male friends too. When that day arrives, you have to be prepared for saying out some wedding wishes for friends. You will not only be required to send these wedding wishes for friend on a card but also to say them out loud at the dinner party as well.Best Wedding Wishes For Friend

If you are someone whose friend is getting married soon and is worried about the best marriage wishes for friend, you do not need to be worry anymore. We bring to you some of the heartfelt wedding wishes for friend. There are wedding wishes for each sort like religious and funny ones.

Enough said; check out these best marriage wishes for friend on his big day.

“May the coming years ahead in your life to be filled with love and happiness.”

“Very warm congratulations my boy. I wish you strongly bounded relation ahead like our friendship.”

“Congratulations on the special day of your wedding! millions of blessings for the perfect couple.”

“Today is the start of a new chapter of life. May you have happy, beautiful and full of love life”

“Indeed it is a big day of your life. Wish you a strongly bonded, caring and loving relationship for the rest of life.”

“Finally your love dream comes true. Congrats for the best couple who meant for each other.”

“Very warm and heartiest wishes for the new phase of life. May your life be fulfilled with happiness, joy, and care.”

“Today exemplary love comes true. From friendship to marriage feeling proud to be a part of your love story.”

Best Marriage wishes for friend

Emotional Wedding wishes for Friend

A wedding day is amongst the top most important day of anyone’s life. If the person getting married is your best friend, then you need to come up with the best of the words for their big day. We know that coming up with some original wedding wishes for friend can be a little troublesome. The reason is simple as after a few times, the wedding wishes become cliché as everyone has said the same words once or twice.

But you still do not need to worry about the marriage wishes for friend because no matter how cliché these wishes sound, they are only to convey your love. Love is something that is not expressible through words but with emotions. If your best friend is getting married, only come up with the emotional wedding wishes for friend. Peer into your emotions and let those words loose. They can be about a memory of the best time spent with your friend or any other such thing.

With that being said, we have come up with a few of the best emotional wedding wishes for friend. They are traditional ones but will give you a reference to make some of your own.

“Thanks for making us part of your happy moments. May your secret love story long-lasted and forever.”

“It was a piece of shocking news first but you really deserve each other.  Have a blessed life ahead.”

“At the start, your wedding news amazed me. It was really hard to believe but may this decision would be perfect for you. Millions of blessings and happiest wishes on this big day. Cheers!”

“I apologize for every mistake of mine. Wishing a blessed and great life full of joy, hoping that you will forget every clash between us on this special day.”

“My precious gift of God will be shared from today. My happiness is related to yours. If you are happy then I am the happiest person in the world for you. Happy wedding day.”

emotional marriage wishes for friend

Funny Wedding Wishes for Friend

The relationship called Friendship is one of the valuable things in life. Friends have to walk with each other for a lifetime and thus become the best of friends. This is why while a person can have many friends; they can only have one best friend.

Now your best friend is getting married and you have the responsibility of saying some wedding wishes for that friend. You are feeling pressured as nothing original comes to your mind. Now listen, you do not need to be married about wedding wishes for a friend. These wedding wishes only need to come from one’s heart instead of their mind. If you are close friends then you are bound to have done many mischievous things in life. Be sure to add a funny occasion in your wedding wishes for friend. Or you can make these wedding wishes sound a little sarcastic.

Nobody is going to judge you on your funny wedding wishes for friend on his big day. Instead, your words of humor are going to ease up the tension that all the wedding emotions have brought up. The fun and emotion in one’s funny marriage wishes for friend is going to show their love and support for the newly-wed couple.

If you are still stumped on the idea of funny wedding wishes for friend, we have laid down a few of them as examples. You can use them as is or can use them as reference for coming up with your own ideas. Whatever may be the case, the support, confidence, and love in your words will be felt by the bride and groom as well as the whole audience

“You know that it begins with a wedding and ends with a funeral. Or at least, that’s what I wish you! And not because this is an omen that your mother-in-law is going to end you, or the children, the chores of the house, the overtime at work or making ends meet. But for sharing a lifetime with the person you love until death do you part.”

“Even if you don’t ask me for advice on your wedding day, I have to tell you that marriage is not an eternal honeymoon, but if you know how to be quiet and affirm the success of the relationship is assured. I wish you many congratulations and that you learn the lesson well, it works for me!”

“You are already husband and wife and now you will know the complexity and routine of living together. Patience and a lot of love, that everything is learned in this life. Congratulations!”

“We are united in marriage because love and passion blind us, but do not worry, living together cures this evil. Happy marriage!”

funny wedding wishes for friend

Religious Wedding Wishes for Friend

Your best friend might be getting married in a few days and you might still be stumped on coming up with the right words as wedding wishes for friend. Wedding wishes for friend mean a lot to the wedded couple as they are going to embark on the new chapter or their life. The occasion is for them to hear some words of encouragement and love as well as support to help them pave through their new life.

One can choose many different kinds of marriage wises for friend like funny ones or emotional ones. Well, you can also remain formal and the best of these formal wedding wishes is the religious wedding wishes for friend.

For religious wedding wishes for friend you do not need to come up with too many words. They can be really simple ones starting with praise of God and focusing his blessings upon the newlywed couple. The main focus for wedding wishes for friend is to only convey the love and blessings upon the couple. Fancy words are not a norm when coming up with religious wedding wishes for friend. Check out some of our religious wedding wishes for friend.

“I know that you will be blessed with a beautiful family and years and years of happiness. My best wishes for this stage that begins in their lives. ”

“Do not look for a partner to be happy. Be happy first you, so that later you can make that person happy that God will put in your way.”

“Ask Christ to discover the beauty that is not seen with the eyes, but that really falls in love. Look for that in your marriage and you will love forever.”

“You don’t have to be an engineer to build love, or a lawyer to defend it or a doctor to save it. It takes having God in your heart to keep it.”

religious marriages quotes for friend

Happy Wedding wishes for Friend

A best friend is more than just a friend; he becomes someone closer than a brother. Now the big wedding day of your friend is at hand. You as his best friend are required to say some words in honor of the bride and groom. These words do not need to come from any website or a catalog. They are to express your emotions and the best emotion on that day any best friend can feel is of happiness.

Following are some of the happy wedding wishes for friend you can say on the big day.

“This is a moment that you will never forget. Every moment will be saved as a photograph within you. Celebrate every second of this day. Do not forget to always respect and love each other unconditionally. I have a lot of appreciation for both of them and I hope that their happiness will last over time ”

“Your great lifelong dream will finally come true, I know that you are very happy to be able to join your life next to the man you love so much. I wish you all the happiness of the world.”

“You always dreamed of this great day, your wedding will be very special because you will be accompanied by all the people who love you and it will be a day that you will never forget.”

“Your heart must be beating very fast for all the emotion you are experiencing, there is less and less time for you to say yes at the altar and in the eyes of all the people who will accompany you on that special day.”

happy marriage wishes quotes for friend

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