Wedding Wishes for Cousin


Best Wedding Wishes for Cousin

I am pretty sure when I say that most of us have our favourite cousin. They are the cousin you love and adore the most and love to spend time with them. And these are the very cousins that when they are marrying the love of their life, you feel happy about them. The reason for one’s immense happiness at the wedding of their cousin is that they tend to become like a real sibling. Coming to the wedding part of such a sibling, you might be wondering about the wedding wishes for cousin.

Best Wedding messages for Cousin

While you can be frank with your cousin, you have to still choose just the right kind of words for their wedding. The reason is simple; weddings are the occasions where the whole family is gathered listening to your words. While the wedding wishes for a cousin can carry a sense of humour, they still need to convey your love and blessing to him or her at the same time. Considering this, we have come up with various sorts of wedding wishes for cousin. Hearing these best wedding wishes on their wedding day will make your cousin feel happiness as he or she tries their marital knot.

Check out these amazing wedding wishes for cousin below.

Emotional Wedding Wishes for Cousin

A wedding is an occasion full of happiness and love. Not only the married couple is feeling happy but all the family as a one feels happy for the couple. Now you as a cousin can come up with a wedding wish of your own. The proper etiquette would be to have formal words that fully describe your love and happiness for the marrying couple. But as the emotions reign free during the ceremony and afterwards on speeches, you can feel a bit of emotion. Now for those cases, we offer the best of the emotional wedding wishes for cousins. These emotional wedding wishes for cousin are best for both gender cousins. If your female cousin is leaving, these words can be of goodbyes whereas, for the male cousin, they can be of welcoming a new member into the family.

Emotional wedding messages for cousin

As one conveys there emotional wedding wishes for cousin, they will also be showing their love as well as the support for the newly-wed couple. It will help them ease up as they step into a new chapter of their life. A little note on the end is to still choose these words with care as marriage is mostly a onetime thing.

Below are some of the best emotional wedding wishes you can choose for. You can also take them as a reference for coming up with your own short wedding wishes for cousin.

Funny Wedding Wishes for Cousin

As we said earlier, a cousin is someone, be it a male or female, if you are friendly with each other, can become the best of friends. On the day of the best friend’s wedding, one needs to come up with the best wedding wishes for a cousin. However, most people decide to go with formal wedding wishes but that can feel monotonous.

If you are truly a great fired with your cousin then you can say some funny wedding wishes to your cousin on their big day. Do not be afraid to use a little mischievous incident of the cousin’s past to increase the humour in your wishes. Feeling worried about the family members? Well, if they know how close of cousins and friends you have been, they will naturally laugh at this. You can even add some words in your funny wishes for cousin to add the new

Funny Wedding quotes for cousin

Religious Wedding Wishes for Cousin

Wedding is the day when two people with love in their heart stand before God on the altar and accept each other as husband and wife. This truly wondrous day can be of your cousin’s life someday. And once that day finally arrives, you might be worried about some best wedding wishes for cousin. However, you do not need to be worried about that as we have many great ideas for that.

If you are someone who is from a religious family and trying to come up with religious wedding wishes for cousin, we have got you covered. The etiquette for religious wedding wishes is to take into consideration the religious beliefs of both the bride and groom. Sometimes, people marry a person with a different religion than theirs. Coming up with these conflicting religious beliefs wedding wishes for cousin can be tricky. But if the couple is of monotheist belief then your work can be easy. Both of them believe in a single God system. Your religious wedding wishes in this case must start with the mention of God and his blessing upon the couple. End the wish with your words of support and love for the couple.

Religious wedding messages for cousin

Happy Wedding Wishes for Cousin

Weddings themselves are a happy occasion. Be it the wedding of a friend or a family member, happiness is rampant in the environment. If the wedding is of a close cousin then your happiness will be evident on your face. As a cousin to the bride or groom, you might be called upon for saying a few words. If you are feeling perplexed about these words, we have a fair example of the best happy wedding wishes for cousin. These wedding wishes will make sure to covey your love and happiness for this newly married couple in front of all the friends and family members. It will let the couple feel at ease as they will step into their new life.


happy wedding wishes messages for cousin

Best Wedding Quotes for Cousin

Choosing the best wedding wishes for a cousin can feel like trouble but the reality is different. You do not need to come up with fancy words. You only need to covey the words that come straight from your heart. Keeping in mind this, we have come up with a few of the best wedding wishes for cousin. Check them out, who knows, you might get a little inspiration for your own best wedding wishes for cousin.

Short Wedding wishes for Cousin

Wedding wishes are not always about fancy words neither they have to be long ones. They can be short and concise like “Cousin, I congratulate you on your big day”. They can also contain a little bit of humour as well as a little blessing too. If you are someone who is a man or woman of few words, we like you to check these short wedding wishes for cousin.

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