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Wedding Wishes

Wedding Wishes for Bride and Groom

Funny wedding wishes groom

Best Wedding Wishes for Bride and Groom

Most people consider marriage to be the epitome of a person’s successful life. Well, this is not an understatement as the soon to be wedded person has found the love of their life. Now where you come into all of this? Well, you can be a close family member or a distant family member or you can also be the friend of the bride or groom. If your friend or a family member is getting married and you are invited to the wedding, you will now need to give out the wedding wishes to the bride and groom. Wedding wishes are often conveyed through wedding cards or if you are someone close to the bride and groom, you will have to say the words on the wedding day. If the latter is the case, then you might feel a little bit of pressure in coming with the right wedding wishes for the bride and groom.

best wedding quotes for groom

In the case of coming up with the right words to seem difficult, we suggest keeping your wedding wishes formal and concise. They must start with the love and support and end with a prayer or the bride and groom. For any couple’s life, the wedding day is the most emotional moment. And if you are a part of this wedding day, you will have to say some wedding wishes for the bride and groom. These marriage wishes for bride and groom need to be heartfelt and convey the love and support you have in the couple.

We have listed down few of the best wedding wishes for bride and groom below. Check them out and see if any of these fits your taste.

“Marriage is a gold ring on a chain that begins with a glance and ends in eternity”

“To have a good marriage you have to fall in love many times, always with the same person”

“Marriage, like the whole of life, is something terribly difficult that we have to start over from the beginning every day, and every day of our lives. The effort is constant, and even exhausting many times, but it is worth it ”

“When a marriage works, there is nothing in the world that can supply it”

“What better thing for two human souls than knowing that they are united for life”

“Marriage should be a duet: when one sings, let the other clap”

Love is blind, but marriage restores sight”

“To get the most out of joy you have to have someone to share it with”

“Marriage is the perfection to which infatuation aspired”

“Marriage reminds me of a pair of scissors: two inseparable parts that, being so close together, almost always move in opposite directions and nevertheless punish whoever comes between them”

Funny Wedding Wishes for Bride and Groom

If you are invited to a wedding and are wondering about what to write or say in the wedding wishes for bride and groom, we have a suggestion. Try making the funny wedding wishes for bride and groom. One can never go wrong with a little bit of humor when it comes to wedding wishes. The reason is simple; weddings are emotional occasions and close family members are feeling emotional. A little bit of humor in the wedding wishes can brighten up the mood of the whole gathering. It will also help ease the newly-wed couple as they start their new life.

Funny wedding wishes groom

When writing or saying the funny wedding wishes for bride and groom, we recommend adding a funny part of either the bride or groom’s life. Or you can add in a little bit of sarcasm in your wedding wishes.

Ending with this, we would like to present some of these funny wedding wishes for bride and groom you might like to use.

“Now that you are married and are husband and wife, don’t forget to let everyone know on WhatsApp and update your status on Facebook.”

“There is nothing worse than a friend getting married… Now my parents have more reasons to convince me to do the same! !! Congratulations!!”

“Always remember this phrase: marriage allows you to annoy the same special person for the rest of your lives, congratulations!”

“I admire you and congratulate you for being able to leave behind all the benefits of being single. I could not! May you be very happy!”

“I hope you have a great time on your Honeymoon, it is the best part of marriage! Be very happy!”

“I thought I was stupid until I got married. My stupidity was confirmed.”

“Expect! Do you really want to sign a marriage contract knowing there is no deadline?”

“Women marry men expecting them to change. Men marry women, hoping not. So everyone is inevitably disappointed.”

Funny wedding quotes for groom

Christian Wedding Wishes for Bride and Groom

Sending some of the best Christian wedding wishes for bride and groom on the wedding day holds a lot of significance. These Christian marriage wishes for bride and groom tend to add a whole new meaning to the couple’s new life’s very first day. When one shares their Christian marriage wishes for bride and groom, they are implying to the couple that they are being remembered in the prayers and that you are also seeking out to God for blessing the couple.

Religious wedding quotes for groom

It is an obvious fact that the biblical wedding wishes for bride and groom are going to be far better than a simple “Congratulations on your wedding day”. If you still are stumped on what might be the best Christian marriage dishes for bride and groom then worry no more. We have laid down some of the best Christian marriage wishes for bride and groom below. You can use them as they are or come up with your own wedding wishes from reading them.

“This Commitment to each other, Is strengthened by your love, Your marriage was made in heaven. Therefore you will receive help from the Lord!”

“Congratulations on this beautiful and charming occasion! May the good Lord give you a wonderful life together!”

“As we come together in marriage today as Christians, I wish you both an eternity of love and happiness together. I pray to Jesus to shine his light on you.”

“From the center of my heart, I send my best wishes to the two of you on your marriage. I pray that God will grant you nothing but love and endless happiness in your lives together.”

“On this holy and happy occasion of your wedding day, I send these wishes to you both. Marriage is a beautiful bond that grows stronger with love and affection. May God keep your relationship happy and loving forever!”

“Marriage is nothing if it is not full of acts of love and sharing. May God bless you on this day with a life of shared love and happiness. Congratulations!”

“Wishing you a happy life on this joyous day. I wish you nothing more than the continued happiness generated by the Union of souls. May the humanity of God join me in this desire. For a blessed life of love for both of us!”

religious wedding wishes for groom

Happy Wedding Wishes for Bride and Groom

As we said again and again that weddings are the happiest of life’s occasion for any person. A wedding day is the most memorable day of a couple’s life. If you are invited to be the part of this joyous occasion then you are someone special to them. Arriving at the wedding ceremony you need to show that you are excited about the couple’s happiness. With that being said, you will also need to send them a wedding card. The message on this wedding card must show your happiness for the lovely couple. These happy wedding wishes for bride and groom can start with simple Best Wishes or Congrats like messages. Afterward, you can make these a little bit special by adding in a personal note. You can try adding in a simple message to wish the new couple best of luck for their new life ahead.

happy wedding wishes for groom

The last thing we would like to say is that whatever happy wedding wishes for bride and groom you to say or write; they must come from your heart. If you are conveying your wedding wishes via wedding card then we recommend adding the photos to commentate your fond memories with the newly married couple.

“May God bless you and lead you through a lifetime of blessings and happiness.”

“May God bless this wedding and your marriage.”

“Rejoice in your love for each other! May God bless you now and always.”

“If there is love of GOD in a relationship, all love flows. Congratulations!”

“Therefore, what God has joined together, let no one be separated. Mark 10: 9”

Happy wedding quotes for groom

What to Write as Wedding Wishes for Bride and Groom?

The first thing we would like to say here is that whatever the wedding wishes message you write, it needs to be a heartfelt one. It must offer the positive wish of your for the couple’s new life. If you have kept true to these 2 points then you are OK to write the wedding wishes quotes for bride and groom.

“A perfect wedding wishes message and quote should be a sweet one with a hint of sentiments which has been made especially for the couple.”

“You have been extremely lucky to find each other. You are an extraordinary couple and we wish you all the best, from the bottom of our hearts.”

“May the happiness of this day accompany you throughout your life. God bless you.”

“A wedding is like a door that opens and leads to a new path that you will travel together. We wish you that it is full of good things. You deserve it. Congratulations!”

“I want to wish the best to a couple who have shown that love can overcome any obstacle and become stronger. May you be very happy.”

“I hope that your new home is full of tenderness, love, affection, laughter, understanding, complicity and that it becomes a true home where we are sure that you will be very, very happy. !! Congratulations!!”

“With this little detail I want to express my love with all my heart and wish you the best in this life together that begins today. Congratulations!”

emotional wedding wishes groom

Formal Wedding wishes quotes:-

Even if you are at a formal wedding, it still does not mean that you need to send a wedding message with stuffy wording. But if you are looking for a wedding wishes message and quote which will be romantic and a timeless one, the formal note is the only way. If you are not someone who is great with formal wedding wishes messages and quotes then nobody is forcing you to do it. You can be yourself. Writing a casual wedding wishes message and quote is perfectly fine. Still, the wedding wishes for bride and groom must be sweet like adding a wish for the happy couple’s future.

“They are for each other and my wish is that their love lasts for a lifetime, congratulations on your marriage”

“How beautiful it is when in the end it is love that ends up triumphing over adversity, I congratulate you and wish you much success in your marriage”

“Life made you meet and love took care of the rest, getting married has been your best decision and I congratulate you for that”

Wedding Wishes quotes and messages for a family member:-

When it is about writing the wedding wishes messages or quotes for a family member, you can either go personal or general. It is something that is up to you and the message that you wish to convey.

“May your love flourish and be brighter every day. May your mutual company grow sweeter with each passing year. Congratulations on your wedding.”

“I wish you both a world of happiness and joy on your wedding day.”

“May your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients: lots of love, a dash of humor, a hint of romance, and a dollop of understanding. May your joy last forever. Congratulations!”

“Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love grow forever to exist. Congratulations to the perfect couple!”

“Congratulations to a beautiful couple. Wishing you a wonderful journey as you build your new life together.”

emotional wedding wishes groom

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