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Anniversary Wishes

1st Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

A wedding anniversary is a great occasion to remember many wonderful moments that have happened in someone’s life. You can remember your first dates, your wedding, remember all your wedding chores and adventures – but you never know there were wonderful moments during your acquaintance specially first wedding anniversary wishes Let these memories warm your soul, let them remind you that life consists not only of everyday life, but also regularly pleases us with wonderful events. Appreciate what you have, always be together and always be happy!

“Happy 1st wedding anniversary Mate! Let the memories of your wedding day set you in a romantic mood on this date, stir up your feelings again, give you the opportunity to remember the happiest events of the past year. And I wish you that in the future there will be as many such events as possible, so that your family remains strong and happy, and love is always as fiery and strong.”

“Today we are celebrating a very special and very romantic date, it is your wedding anniversary and that is why I want to wish you many congratulations, my good friends .”

“Have a Happy 1st Anniversary! How beautiful it is to be able to witness a love as great as that which you profess for each other. God bless you.”

“One year has passed since their wedding and now they have formed a beautiful family with a beautiful child, the fruit of their love. I congratulate you with all my heart! ”

“Time passes very quickly and it seems incredible that we are celebrating our first anniversary. From my heart I want to say thank you and I wish you many congratulations!”

Best first wedding anniversary wishes to Husband

Darling, happy first anniversary! Exactly a year ago, we sealed our feelings with an oath and rings, and I have never regretted that I became your legal wife! Congratulations on our cotton wedding and I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Let our grandchildren admire the beauty of our relationship, our wisdom and devotion to each other at the golden wedding!

wedding anniversary wishes to Husband

My dear husband, if you remember, we have our first wedding anniversary today. This day will forever be remembered by me as the most fabulous and unique day in my life. Thank you for giving me this fairy tale, because it was very important to me. For my part, I promise to do everything to make you feel the happiest man for whom I am ready for anything. You and I have been going for a very long time to get married, so we simply have no right to neglect our relationship now. I love you, my dear! You are my best man, the most caring husband. You will also be a great father. Happy holiday to us!

“Happy first anniversary, lovely husband! Thank you for being in my life and making every day beautiful and special and filled with love. I love you infinitely!”

“Dear hubby, I wish you the happiest 1st wedding anniversary.”

“Dear husband, this year you have filled my heart with a great romantic love and peace..”

“Today is a celebration of our 1st anniversary of wedding, our partnership, and of our love for each other. …”

“A year after our wedding day is the greatest day. Our future together is very brighter. Happy anniversary to the best husband a woman could ever hope for!”

Lovely 1st wedding anniversary wishes to wife 

Congratulations, my joy, today our marriage is one year old! On our chintz wedding, I want to wish our family life to be as easy as chintz. Beloved, be always happy with me, inspire me to exploit and take care of our family hearth, and I will do everything so that it is always light, warm, comfortable and rich in this hearth. Happy wedding day, wife, and let’s live together, happily and cheerfully up to a hundred years old.

1st wedding anniversary wishes to wife 

My dear, you and I have been married for a year already, and this year was one big holiday for me. Thank you for your understanding and faith in me, I congratulate you, dear, on our chintz anniversary and sincerely wish you, honey, to shine brighter every year of our life together. Darling, may our family do without quarrels and gloomy days, may a hearth of love, prosperity and happiness always burn in our house. I love you and wish that your dreams always come true, because then I will be happy too.

“Today is a year with you and me, You became my own wife, and our feelings did not cool down, We were given a lot of happiness!”

“Congratulations dear, Happy first anniversary. You are my wife for a whole year. Happy as a man.”

“Happy anniversary my dear wife! I’ll keep you forever in my arms my sweet angel and my wonderful wife.”

“You are my great love, the most wonderful of all the wives that exists in this world and my greatest blessing in this life. I wish you thousands of congratulations on our anniversary! ”

“Dear wife, your smile makes my heart beat faster since the day we met. Happy 2nd wedding anniversary!”

Happy first wedding anniversary quotes Sister and Brother in law

“Dear Sister and Brother-in-law, I congratulate you on your chintz wedding. You bravely held on to this first year of your married life, I wish you to continue to be a faithful and caring spouse, a decisive and just head of your happy family. All the best to you, children, good luck to you in your endeavors. And may the light of your love never go out, dear ones.”

Happy first wedding anniversary quotes Sister and Brother in law

“Beloved, Sister and Brother in law, I congratulate you on your first wedding anniversary. It is called chintz, and I want to wish you light, like chintz, and colorful days. May the family you created with our daughter be strong, happy and friendly, may your love shine brighter and hotter every day.”

“Dear Sister and Brother-in-law, together you both are perfect. On this anniversary I want to wish you a very happy anniversary, may you live long and always be happy. We all love you, my dear sister and brother. Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful couple that I have ever seen. Best wishes to both of you on your Happy Anniversary.

“Wishing a perfect pair a perfectly happy day.”

“Here’s to another year of being great together!”

“Anniversary cheers!”

“Happy 1st anniversary, you old lovebirds!”

“Hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories together.”

“Always knew you two had something special.”

Happy 1st wedding anniversary messages to Son & Daughter in law

“Beloved daughter-in-law, dear son, I congratulate you on your first wedding anniversary. It is called chintz, and I want to wish you light, like chintz, and colorful days. May the family you created with our son be strong, happy and friendly, may your love shine brighter and hotter every day.”

1st wedding anniversary messages to Son & Daughter in law

“Congratulations, you have passed the first – a difficult year of course. There was a lot of joy and laughter, Among many worries. We wish you a harmonious life, Greet the morning with a smile, Let things go well, Feelings will continue to shiner.”

“When love is sincere there is no room to sow doubts, do not allow anything to interfere with your marriage, strengthen it every day and fill it with love, happy wedding anniversary my beloved son!”

“May God illuminate the essence of your love and allow you to remain united for life. Congratulations on your anniversary son!”

“May joy infect you, become a ray of light that always remains on in your marriage and serves as a guide on each of your anniversaries. Congratulations son on your 1st wedding anniversary!”

“Son, on your wedding anniversary I want to wish you my sincere congratulations. I am happy to see you fulfilled as a man. You are my greatest pride and that is why I love you with my soul.”

“My dear son, congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I am very happy that you have been able to start a beautiful family. I want you to know that you can always count on me and that I am proud of your marriage.”

Best first wedding anniversary messages wishes to Friend

“Happy first wedding anniversary! We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts, We wish you to be the happiest couple. For all the years! So that the word “we” sounded Instead of “I” during a conversation, And so that the smile stood. Every morning on repeat!”

Best first wedding anniversary messages wishes to Friend

“Congratulations to you friends, Happy anniversary of your first, May your feeling, Strength, wisdom, passion and nerves grow stronger. Let the family life be Only in your joy always and bring goodness and happiness; These glorious years. We wish you understanding, To live in abundance and love, For a dream only together.”

“They have each other and their feelings allow them to overcome any difficulties that come their way. Happy wedding anniversary to my dearest friends!”

“During the whole first year, you have created trust, love and respect, which has allowed you to stick together to fully enjoy your marriage. Happy first anniversary friends!”

“They represent a couple worthy of admiration, they have wisely emerged victorious in the face of life’s difficulties and keep their promise of love intact. Congratulations friends on your anniversary!”

Happy 1st wedding anniversary quotes For a lovely couple

“Congratulations on the first anniversary, we want to wish you today: your feeling so that it does not wear out, your family happiness – to be! Congratulations on your chintz wedding, We wish you madly to love each other!”

Happy 1st wedding anniversary quotes For couple

“Today you celebrate the overcoming of the first frontier of family relations. Congratulations on your chintz wedding. I wish you sincerity of feelings, display of understanding and respect for each other, love and prosperity. Let your family have a festive atmosphere. Be happy!”

“Being successful in a marriage is not easy at all, that is why the relationship that you have is really to take off your hat. Congratulations on your anniversary! ”

“I want to greet you on this special day in which you celebrate one more year of marriage and tell you to continue loving each other as always so that nothing interrupts your happiness.”

“I have known you for many years and I know that the love between you is genuine and sincere. Always continue like this and may your beautiful marriage last a lifetime. ”

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